Judge orders TUSD to teach about culture

February 07, 2013 12:00 am  •  

A federal judge has ordered the Tucson Unified School District to begin offering culturally relevant courses in the next school year.

The classes, which will focus on the history, experiences and culture of black and Latino communities, are among many provisions in a plan that aims to bring racial balance to TUSD schools.

U.S. District Judge David Bury adopted the plan, known as the Unitary Status Plan, Wednesday. Bury is overseeing the district’s decades-long desegregation effort.

The plan focuses on eliminating vestiges of past discrimination to the extent practicable in the areas of discipline, student assignment, school operations – which includes faculty, staff, transportation, extracurricular activities and facilities – and the quality of education being offered to minority students.

The plan was put together by Special Master Willis Hawley, an expert on race relations and academic achievement.

The culturally relevant courses have been one of the more contentious provisions in the plan. TUSD previously had to eliminate Mexican American Studies classes after they were found to be in violation of state law.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne led the charge in finding the courses to be unlawful while he served as the state superintendent of public instruction. Though Horne has left that post, he has continued to lobby against the classes, objecting to the new culturally relevant courses that are part of the unitary plan.

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4 Responses to Judge orders TUSD to teach about culture

  1. They can learn about proud Americans like Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Dr. Mehmet Oz, who grew up in the U.S. as children of immigrants. Proud Americans: Growing Up As Children of Immigrants is a book that can help students relate to other Americans. We have so much in common, no matter where our parents were born. See proudamericansspeak.com.

  2. JUSTICE FOR ALL says:

    If they put in the same radical, extremist teachers, you can be assured that if they are not monitored, they will put in these radical teachings of “hate” against white people, Revolution (which they are planning within the next 4 yrs.), etc. they were originally shut down for. READ SOME OF THEIR MOST USED BOOKS: “OCCUPIED AMERICA” BY RODOLFO ACUNA AND ESPECIALLY “MESSAGE TO AZTLAN” BY RODOLFO “CORKY” GONZALES (don’t buy them but get them through your local library/inter-library loan) AND SEE THE HATE FOR YOURSELF (NOT TO MENTION THE DIRTY WORDS IN THE LATTER BOOK). THERE ARE ALSO SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST BOOKS BEING TAUGHT IN THESE CLASSES BY PAOLO FREIRE/HOWARD ZINN/ANTONIO GRAMSCI, ETC.

  3. JUSTICE FOR ALL says:

    “500 YEARS OF CHICANA WOMEN’S HISTORY” (Eliz. Martinez
    (You can get these books through the public library)

  4. JUSTICE FOR ALL says:

    One more thing, the books were “never” banned except one that had so many dirty words in them. The books are in the libraries, just the classes were suspended because of the teachings of “hate” and “Revolution”. But do we want books that have quotes about killing white people or calling blacks by the “n” word in Spanish (mayates)? Public schools should not be teaching “hate” or “revolution”…

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